Portuguese solutions.

In Lisbon’s Baixa, clear cuts are currently taking place. Many tenants, most of them shopkeepers and traders who run old family businesses, risk to loose everything since the block where they settled becomes a new four-star hotel. (as if we don’t have enough luxury accommodations in Lisboa, but that’s another discussion) Thus a new law in favour of owners of real estate will destroy the lives of many families. “I invested everything I had here”, says one tenant, who runs a commerce in the block that is gonna become a hotel. “At 50, I find myself in this situation. I won’t get any unemployment support. Not that I want to receive such a support; what I want is to work.” Hello Portuguese government, is this the way you try to solve your crisis? By throwing your hard working citizens into poverty?

Read the complete story here: http://ocorvo.pt/2013/03/16/revolta-na-baixa/