Lisbon, city of many faces. From fado to start-ups.

Lisbon is a city of many faces. So when you visit Lisbon, you shouldn’t be satisfied with just the beautiful postcard experience from the past. There is so much more to discover: the real Lisbon of today, and tomorrow. How is this city changing? And how is its future connected with its past? I’ll introduce you to all aspects of today’s Lisbon, from fado to start-ups.

So, in half a day I’ll take you to the Lisbon soul, through its history, cuisine, habits, viewpoints, azulejos, literature, religion, architecture, and most of all: through its inhabitants. Yes: it’s all about people. Taste their food, feel their saudade. History is written on their faces. Vamos em bora!

image: festive members of the Associação dos Serviços Sociais dos Trabalhadores das Autarquias do Seixal.