Discover Lisbon through its walls! The city as a canvas.

Discover Lisbon through its walls! Lisbon is a true urban art capital, where artists from all over the world leave their marks in public space. Their work is spread all over the city, far beyond the tourist epicentre. I’ll take you there, to discover mesmerising urban art as well as spots where tourists usually don’t go.

To quote Portugal’s best known urban artist, Vhils, whom i interviewed a couple of years ago: “You’ll probably get more from the walls in a city than from television and other media… People write what they want on a wall. (…) Which means freedom of speech still exists on walls. Urban art makes the public space interesting again in a time when it’s losing importance due to social media – thus, it reanimates the public space as an environment where people can discuss things: abandoned buildings, for instance, are overlooked until there’s graffiti on them…” Get ready for half a day of urban beauty around the corner!

image: artwork by Portuguese urban artist Smile, Cova da Piedade, Almada.