We’re heading to Quinta do Mocho, a predominantly African neighbourhood near the airport. Even though it’s actually one of Europe’s largest open-air art galleries, it’s still a hidden gem in Lisbon. This is because the area has a dark past, marked by drugs, gang wars, generational unemployment, crime, and violence.

It’s through urban art that Quinta do Mocho slowly but surely transformed into the peaceful and vibrant neighbourhood it is today. Over 100 amazing murals, created by famous Portuguese artists like VHILS and Bordalo II, as well as artists from France, Brazil, Spain, the Middle East, Argentina, and other places around the globe, bear witness to this transformation and inspire both locals and visitors alike.

Walking around here isn’t your typical tourist experience. In just two hours, you’ll see incredible art, learn new things about Lisbon, and witness firsthand how art can make a big difference in a community. We’ll finish our walk at a local hangout with a drink.